Our story

The Commercial Property Hub comprises a collection of independent companies who have been carefully selected for the comprehensive range of professional solutions they have continuously provided to the property industry over a number of years (and in some cases decades).

Over the course of their professional development, whilst each of our teams may have derived considerable expertise and know-how, they have never deviated from their core objectives to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions that continue to benefit their clients.

As an entity, The Commercial Property Hub was borne out of a simple realisation that every client deserves the opportunity to avail of high quality professional services, at a fair rate.

Unfortunately, owing to the financial pressures of today, many of the leading investment institutions tend to appoint service providers from near the top of the tree, usually based on their industry standing and reputation, which has usually been established through their longevity and often results in premium rates, which as we all know, doesn’t exactly help when it comes to calculating investment returns and yields, which, inevitably tend to be significantly eroded. There is also a further irony, in that, these so called super providers tend to operate a fee structure based on their industry reputation and not the individual expertise that is employed in the teams who actually provide the services.

This stark realisation was brought home after a couple of clients sought our specific expertise whilst seeking to boost their own client’s investment returns. Fortunately, our expertise facilitated significant cost-savings on their behalf, but it also provided us with an insight as to just how disjointed their world really was, as we got to see first-hand how a major investment firm had a tendency to use separate suppliers to undertake every aspect of any given project, inevitably reducing their investment returns.

This new understanding piqued our interest, as, if these clients were following such protocols, it begged the question was this standard practice? Either way, it also provided us with an opportunity, as over the years, we had been fortunate enough to come into contact with a number of highly reputable companies and individuals who had been providing a range of exceptional professional services to the property industry, whilst undertaking a myriad of successful projects together. Naturally, these projects had allowed us to establish a number of strong personal relationships.

Through personal experience, we knew how good the services being provided by our contacts were. The fact a number of our teams were also retained by some of the largest investment companies and financial institutions in the UK just added further credence to our belief, in addition to demonstrating our teams provide arguably as good a service, if not better, than many of the blue chip suppliers the biggest firms tend to use, but at far more competitive rates, whilst also providing the specific industry expertise, along with much more of a personal touch.

We also had the luxury of knowing exactly what we would be getting in terms of the highest quality services, especially with a number being designated as experts in their field, some boasting over 20 years individual service to their own professional bodies. With this in mind, we believed there were ways we could pool our resources and work together to leverage additional cost benefits resulting from the natural synergy we had already established over the years whilst working for the same clients, thereby actually increasing the potential efficiencies to be gained.

So the seeds were sown, meetings were set and agreements soon reached for a number of highly respected, recognisable and successful, owner managed professional practices to set up a formal alliance to deliver an extended range of professional services to the property industry through The Commercial Property Hub.

In essence, the combined professional services available through The Commercial Property Hub ensures we can provide a total ‘one-stop’ solution for all your property needs.