Acquisitions and Disposals

Acquisitions and Disposals

At The Commercial Property Hub, whilst our primary services may tend to err more on the provision of high quality cost-effective professional services to the property industry, a number of our teams are also more than a little adept when it comes to facilitating the Acquisitions and Disposals requirements of our client’s.

When assisting clients with this area of the business, our teams perform these roles in their capacities as:

  • Chartered Surveyors
  • Asset Managers
  • Agents
  • Law of Property Act (LPA)/Fixed Charge Receivers
  • Insolvency Practitioners.

Out teams deal with a variety of clients ranging from the individual investor facing financial difficulties right through to multi-billion pound property fund managers seeking to refresh their stock inventories, along with every type of client in between. With access to such a vast array of contacts, our teams tend to find themselves ideally positioned to either assist clients to either acquire a particular property type to add to their portfolio, or conversely, facilitate a client to dispose or divest of a particular property from their portfolio, thereby enabling them to pursue an investment strategy that is right for them.

Owing to the nature and variety of roles our teams readily undertake in the provision of services to clients, our Acquisitions and Disposals teams have developed significant databases of qualified UK and overseas investors, with varying demands. The intimate relationships that have been developed no doubt aid their results immeasurably, especially when tasked with selling or disposing of both commercial and residential property types, in addition to the weird and wonderful array of non-property assets they are routinely asked to value, including plant and machinery, all manner of stock inventories and even associated intangible assets on behalf of a variety of clients. It is worth noting their clients include everyone from diverse publicly quoted and private financial institutions to numerous investor types.

When it comes to adding value for our clients, the teams behind the Acquisitions and Disposals services of The Commercial Property Hub have established a plethora of connections to facilitate the specific needs of our client’s.

Our goal is to simplify the process for clients as much as possible, which is why our teams have forged a number of particularly strong personal relationships with a range of key investors, both personal and institutional. These connections invariably increase the channels for clients to both acquire and dispose of property assets, whilst our in-house agency and property management services can also enhance their own extensive provisions by virtue of the carefully cultivated and excellently maintained links that have been established with a number of estate agents and property brokers operating across the UK.

Having established this extensive range of complementary relationships waiting to be tapped, allied to own considerable reach, The Commercial Property Hub can ensure maximum exposure for any client’s assets to a vast potential marketplace of qualified UK and International buyers who are always seeking their next investment.

Owing to the variety of services we provide to the property industry, our teams are in the fortunate position of having been able to develop a wide range of professional relationships with a number of key contacts. These long-standing working relationships invariably confer a number of benefits to clients working with the teams behind The Commercial Property Hub, notably, the potential to gain direct access to our own extended network of contacts including:

  • Major Lending Institutions
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Law of Property Act/Fixed Charge Receivers
  • Bridging Loan Specialists
  • Property Funds
  • Private Investors
  • High Net-Worth Individuals
  • Property Law Specialists

The Commercial Property Hub can provide the requisite expertise to any client interested in acquiring or disposing of any property type. By enabling you to tap into a level of knowledge provided by such a diverse team, we believe our comprehensive range of cost-effective professional services, including direct access to motivated sellers at source, will ensure your new investment will start to work for you straight away.

So, regardless of whether you are seeking to acquire that all-important property to add to your highly performing portfolio, or thinking about selling a specific property you no longer wish to hold, The Commercial property Hub can provide a valuable channel for any client wishing to acquire or dispose of any property. Why not give one of our team a call and see how we can assist you?