Asset Management

Asset Management

The Commercial Property Hub specialises in providing bespoke everyday solutions to property owners, investors and investment managers. Our remit is simply to enable any investor to maximise their investment returns. As such, one of the services we provide that appears to tick all the boxes for our clients, large and small, is our Asset Management solutions.

At the heart of The Commercial Property Hub, lies an experienced team of consultants specialising in the provision of comprehensive strategic asset management solutions. The Commercial Property Hub is in essence, the consolidation of a number of successful individual businesses with established reputations for providing exceptional services at fair and cost-effective rates to the property industry.  

Our Asset Management teams comprise experts drawn from virtually every sector of the property services industry and their complementary nature, allied to their industry experience provides any client with an invaluable opportunity to unlock any unrealised potential and get the most from your property assets, whilst facilitating significantly enhanced annual cost savings. 

As the Asset Management teams of The Commercial Property Hub come from a wide variety of backgrounds, it stands to reason this diversity allows us to view assets from every angle and accurately assess how and where we can add value to your investments. Naturally, this this can throw up a multitude of options including identifying potential cost reduction strategies by recommending suitable alternatives, although it is important for us to stress that anything we may suggest will result in you receiving services of at least equal quality, if not higher than you may already be receiving.

Likewise, we may also identify opportunities you may not currently be exploiting, which could be as simple as mitigating your business rates liabilities, assisting you to recoup unclaimed capital allowances or even save on utility costs. Alternatively, we may be able to suggest slight improvements that could serve to generate significant additional revenue streams. Until we get to see what type of property you have, and more importantly, what you want to achieve we won’t know.

Any suggestions our teams make do tend to generate additional cost savings and/or increase income levels, whilst often adding additional value by increasing the asset’s market capitalisation, either way, as a client you get to benefit from anything we can identify and implement on your behalf, even if it is just the yield.

In simple terms, the teams who provide the Asset Management services through The Commercial Property Hub possess an extensive range of skillsets which can enable clients to:

  • Maximise yields and capital values
  • Gain access to a wide-range of cost-effective, high quality expertly delivered services
  • Benefit from our in-house expertise to generate synergy, increased efficiencies and reduced costs

Arguably one of the biggest benefits to be obtained from working with The Commercial Property Hub, beyond the obvious expertise our own teams can undoubtedly provide, is the potential to access a range of additional skills and specialist knowledge courtesy of the extended networks of contacts we have developed over the years. In essence, this means that whilst you may be engaging our expertise for one particular area, the solutions you receive may well have been devised utilising the additional skills and experience of a host of specialists across a number of industries including legal and financial….at no extra cost to yourself!

At The Commercial Property Hub, the asset management solutions we devise are tailored to meet your individual needs and objectives, whilst being designed to enhance the performance levels of your specific assets. Our experts can recommend a complete array of solutions ranging from simply identifying and negotiating more favourable terms with service providers, resulting in significant savings that could seriously add to your bottom line, right through to undertaking larger projects requiring small, inexpensive changes that could make all the difference when helping you to maximise the occupancy levels in that underperforming commercial asset, generating increased short term yields, whilst also potentially increasing the capital value when it comes to pursuing an exit strategy.

For larger scale projects, though potentially aimed more at land owners or developers, the composition of The Commercial Property Hub’s Asset Management teams ensures the experience and expertise is available to assist you in complying with every detail when it comes to navigating the potential pitfalls and problems associated with obtaining the necessary agreements and approvals to build income generating/ maximising structures on any land parcels you may be fortunate enough to own. Our complete in-house skillsets can combine seamlessly from start to finish to maximise the benefits and the returns for clients as their ability to work in tandem with one another tends to expedite project delivery times, whilst also serving to exploit every last drop of potential synergy, thereby saving you time and money.

Our own experiences have taught us such a holistic approach tends to yield results by ensuring projects will become a resounding success by delivering the requisite knowledge and expertise to add value at every juncture, from the initial survey to full architectural services through to the project management of the build, even inclusive of the lowest cost temporary power supplies! If required, we can even assist in the identification of suitable tenants, along with full property management, thereby providing a completely integrated one-stop turnkey solution. Naturally, these services are inclusive of all planning applications and consents to ensure full compliance, along with building regulations and anything else you could possibly require as you watch your dream project take shape before your very eyes.

When partnering with The Commercial Property Hub, you can rest assured that no matter how large or small the asset being managed, be it a single commercial unit or a diverse mixed use portfolio, you will receive the same the meticulous attention to detail. We advocate such an approach serves to negate any potential risks, whilst simultaneously increasing the investment returns we all cherish, year on year.

The Commercial Property Hub can provide the following comprehensive range of professional asset management solutions, delivered by industry experts as either individual services or as an integrated solution:

  • Acquisitions & Disposals
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Energy & Utilities Management
  • Facilities Management
    • Cleaning
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Security
  • Property Management
  • Surveys & Building Consultancy
    • Chartered Surveyors
    • Building Consultancy
    • Business Asset Valuations
  • Vacant Property Management

If you are interested in ascertaining how any of The Commercial Property Hub’s services could help make your business potentially even more profitable and efficient, just give us a call and we will ensure a specialist relevant to your industry will give you a call to discuss the available options relative to your own objectives.