Corporate Recovery

Many of the successful private organisations working through The Commercial Property Hub are already providing a host of comprehensive services to the property industry, including many of the major players and financial institutions.

Whilst the majority of these services tend to focus on assisting clients to maximise the potential of their property investments, with a clear emphasis on boosting both the yields and the capital values, we also recognise there are a significant number of prospective client’s whose investment strategies may not have quite gone to plan, inevitably leaving them out of pocket, in addition to experiencing any number of difficulties when pursuing the outstanding debts, loans or large sums of capital that have become more than a little overdue. For any prospective client facing such an issue, The Commercial Property Hub can also assist you to recover your debts via a range of solutions provided by our Corporate Recovery teams.

The Corporate Recovery services available through The Commercial Property Hub are as diverse as the issues being faced, with experienced in-house specialist’s on-hand and ready to support and assist any client to find a viable solution tailored to their own specific needs. Our Corporate Recovery teams comprise:

  • Registered Law of Property Act (LPA) Receivers/Fixed Charge Receivers
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Business Asset Valuations Consultants
  • Litigation Specialists

Naturally, your own personal needs would dictate which type of experienced professional would be best suited to advise and undertake the recovery on your behalf.     

Whilst The Commercial Property Hub can readily assist most clients with an impending business issue via our teams of Business Asset Valuations and Insolvency Practitioners, the majority of our services are primarily designed and delivered by specialist service providers to the property industry. As such, although our Corporate Recovery teams can and do work together to deliver optimum results on behalf of their clients according to their needs, when it comes to specifically dealing with property related assets, our LPA or Fixed Charge Receivers tend to achieve the most advantageous  outcomes.

As outlined above, our LPA or Fixed Charge Receivers provide specialist Corporate Recovery solutions to clients encountering property asset related issues. These clients tend to come from the financial sector, typically main stream or second tier lenders, who having outlined their particular needs are then formally introduced to our in-house Law of Property Act (LPA) or Fixed Charge Receivers, who we readily admit really come into their own when their services are required. When instructed to act in their capacity as an LPA or Fixed Charge Receiver under the Registered Property Receivership Scheme they can provide a comprehensive range of specialist services, in addition to also being registered as long standing member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as a highly qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyor, specialising in all aspects of Property.

As you will probably already be aware, an LPA or Fixed Charge Receiver is a registered professional, usually a practising Chartered Surveyor (RICS), or a licensed or authorised practising Insolvency Practitioner (IPA) and can be appointed by a lender with a fixed charge secured against the borrower’s property, with this charge becoming enforceable when the debt becomes due.

Once this point has been reached and Corporate Recovery action is to be pursued with an LPA or Fixed Charge Receiver set to be appointed, it stands to reason that appointing an LPA Receiver who is also a Chartered Surveyor will result in far more benefits to a lender where the appointment is specifically in regard to a property asset. This is simply due to practicing property professionals having far more practical experience in actually managing an asset they have been appointed to oversee and therefore being able to ensure it continues to function as was intended, whilst maximising available returns for the charge holder. This could simply involve ensuring the property is secure, maintained to current standards and producing a collectable rent they can process on behalf of the lender until the property has been sold to realise the debt. Alternatively, they should also be well placed to provide suggestions that could be as simple as minor cosmetic improvements, yet could significantly enhance the property’s marketability, hence the resulting value to any prospective buyer. Whatever route they take, an LPA Receiver should always maximise the property’s returns until the best possible sale price has been achieved.

When appointing the LPA or Fixed Charge Receivers working as part of the Corporate Recovery teams of The Commercial Property Hub, clients get to benefit from both the extensive professional accreditations our teams have achieved over the course of their careers to date, in addition to the wealth of practical experience they have gained over the years assisting lenders and second charge holders to recover their outstanding debts.

The LPA or Fixed Charge Receivers delivering solutions through The Commercial Property Hub are registered members of the following governing bodies:

  • NARA/Registered Property Receivers Scheme – Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers (LPA Receiver/Fixed Charge Receivers) – NARA/RICS/IPA collaboration
  • RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • NFoPP – National Federation of Property Professionals

At The Commercial Property Hub, we believe the above list of professional memberships, allied to the recognisable industry leading professional qualifications our teams are required to possess in order to practice, go some way to demonstrating the level of commitment they have to their craft.

When combining their academic excellence to the extensive professional experience they have derived over the years, you will receive a level of expertise that will be difficult to match, let alone replicate, resulting in you obtaining the highest professional standards from industry specialists ideally placed to add significant value to your property assets at highly competitive rates.

The LPA or Fixed Charge Receivers of The Commercial Property Hub undertake Corporate Recovery services to a number of lenders including:

  • Banks
  • Building Societies
  • Bridging Financiers
  • Development Finance Specialists
  • Private Investors/individuals
  • Private companies with a secured charge over the asset

Besides bringing a wealth of experience to facilitate a resolution for any client facing issues with an errant borrower, our LPA Receiver & Fixed Charge Receiver teams also possess the personal and professional expertise to potentially add value to any property via their own significant experiences garnered as RICS registered property surveyors and asset managers, along with the extensive network of contacts including specialist business asset valuations specialists and legal experts, along with the inevitable myriad of investors always seeking their next investment opportunity.

The range of LPA & Fixed Charge Receiver Corporate Recovery services available through The Commercial Property Hub includes:

  • Free initial pre-appointment consultation
  • Valuation of the property asset
  • Production of a transparent recovery strategy tailored to your specific needs
  • Property Management of the asset
    • Rent collection and recording
    • Service charge administration
    • Asset management proposals to maximise returns (if required)
    • Lease advice
  • Property disposal/sale

Whilst the Corporate Recovery services outlined above emphasise our LPA or Fixed Charge Receivers due to the undoubted property focus of the site, at The Commercial Property Hub we also understand our LPA or Fixed Charge Receiverships may not always be the best form of insolvency for your particular needs, which is why we also work with a number of Insolvency Practitioners and Business Asset Valuations Consultants to facilitate a total Corporate Recovery solution. If, after speaking with you and assessing your own personal circumstances, we believe there may be a better route for you to pursue we will undoubtedly introduce you to one of the other teams undertaking other aspects of Corporate Recovery including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Administration
  • Liquidation
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

So if you are currently facing an uphill battle to gain a return on your hard earned investment or would simply like any advice on the best way to move forward to recover any outstanding monies you are owed, why not give The Commercial Property Hub a call and see how our Corporate Recovery team consisting of Insolvency Practitioners, Law of Property Act (LPA)/Fixed Charge Receivers and Business Asset valuations Consultants can assist you in making the most of your business or property asset?