Energy & Utilities Management

At The Commercial Property Hub we recognise Energy and Utilities Management costs can play a vitally important, yet often overlooked part of running a successful business. As costs continue to spiral we continue to come across clients who believe they are tied to contracts that appear neither fair nor even practical for the way they conduct their businesses. Yet, contrary to what many believe this hasn’t always got to be the case. At The Commercial Property Hub we believe there is always a better way, which is one of the reason we work with one of the UK’s biggest and best value private Energy and Utilities Management brokerage teams.

The Energy and Utility Management brokers who provide a wealth of services to a range of clients through The Commercial Property Hub are currently the second largest private energy brokerage business in the UK. By maintaining their privately owned and operated status (just like the rest of the professional service providers who work with The Commercial Property Hub), our Energy and Utilities Management team don’t need to cater to the whims of shareholders, which frees them up to focus on meeting the needs of every individual client.

With a network of 25+ global energy suppliers you can rest assured the best supplier will be matched to your own specific needs on contractual terms that actually suit you, the client. In addition, as our Energy and Utilities Management team only work with recognised global providers, you can rest assured that any services you receive will be first-class each and every day.

The Energy and Utilities Management team of The Commercial Property Hub broker deals on behalf of clients who either own or manage an assortment of properties of every size and classification, ranging from a single retail unit to diverse portfolios. They can even help secure you get a better deal for your residential energy requirements, especially HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) owing to the experience they have gained in the industry, in addition to the tools they have devised that can even enable each room to be individually monitored and assessed for separate utility contracts if required. Naturally this aspect can be rolled out and set up for individual businesses and even apartment blocks, whilst also serving to generate additional benefits for landlords.

Each and every client the Energy and Utilities Management team of the Commercial Property Hub brings on-board serves to increase their market share, serving to place them in an even stronger position when it comes to negotiating some of the best and most exclusive Energy and Utilities Management terms for our clients.

At The Commercial Property Hub, we aim to provide value added contracts to enable any client to increase their asset’s performances, by either reducing costs and/or adding to its valuation. However, whilst our service providers deliver a range of services that rank as highly as those of the more recognisable industry suppliers, we still remain true to our roots. Arguably the most important of these roots is our desire to gain a deep understanding of our client’s specific requirements to enable us to deliver the perfect service to meet their needs. This aspect is also true of our Energy and Utilities Management team, not only do they provide a first class service, along with having extensive access to the largest energy providers from across the globe, they also maintain the group wide family centric approach to getting to know and understand each and every client, prior to identifying the best supplier to meet your own individual corporate needs.

At The Commercial Property Hub our Energy and Utilities Management team can identify and then negotiate the best terms to suit your personal needs in the following areas:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telecommunications

As part of the overall service, our Energy and Utilities Management will meet with you and undertake a full utility audit. This audit should allow us to gain a clear picture of what your usage is, how it breaks down over the course of the day, along with current costs and will provide us with a strong foundation to be able to identify and then recommend the best strategy to enable you to receive the most efficient and cost-effective service available.

As previously mentioned, The Commercial Property Hub’s Energy and Utilities Management team have developed extensive links to a network of energy providers, including some of the largest and most recognised within the marketplace. So when you factor in the supplier relationships we have built, the economies of scale we enjoy, along with the inherent understanding we have of our client’s needs, it becomes quite easy to see how we can source opportunities that will more than meet your specific needs.

As part of our commitment to delivering enhanced services for our clients, we also enjoy an established relationship with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of LED Lighting systems. As you are no doubt already aware, LED Lighting offers one of the most sustainable, yet inexpensive sources of lighting currently available to the marketplace.

Following the rapid technological advancements that have been made within the sector, our Energy and Utilities Management team can provide any client with a genuine low-cost energy solution that guarantees you a ‘Win-Win’ situation, as not only will you benefit from the installation of a complete LED Lighting system that guarantees your LED bulbs will last a minimum of 5 years each (running 24/7 or they will be replaced with no questions asked), but the LED bulbs costs far less to replace, are more than twenty five times more durable than a typical bulb and also require far less energy to power (75%+ less energy to be precise), whilst also emitting far higher lumens (light levels) per watt than our typical bulbs, making them far more efficient and cost effective.

The Energy and Utility Management team of The Commercial Property Hub take great personal pride in ensuring it is the needs of the client’s that are fulfilled – not the energy suppliers. One such deal that neatly ties into this concept, in addition to ticking all the boxes is the delivery and installation of a brand new bespoke LED Lighting system that will more than meet your energy requirements and even manages to pay for itself in the first 12 months. The way it pays for itself is simply down to a combination of factors relating to current energy costs versus energy cost savings over the minimum guaranteed life of the LED bulbs. The increased efficiencies, allied to the dramatically reduced operating costs equates to the new system covering all costs in the first year of operation, allowing you to enjoy significant savings, not only over the rest of the guarantee period but for the foreseeable future. These savings can really mount up depending on the project size and can really add to your bottom line following the first year.

The benefits of incorporating LED lighting systems into your overall energy strategy could be significant, in addition to potentially serving to add value to your business’s bottom line. Typical benefits include:

  • Saving of up to 90% on Energy Costs
  • Minimum 5 Year Warranty
    • Bulbs guaranteed to last a minimum of 50,000 operational hours
      • Equating to minimum of 5.7 years with 24/7 usage
      • No Quibble Guarantee
    • Highly Energy Efficient
      • Improved Lighting Levels Requiring Less Energy Consumption
      • Reduced Heat Emissions & Cooling Costs
    • Cost Effective
      • Cheaper to Run
        • Use 75%+ Less Energy
        • Durable – Last at Least 25x Longer than incandescent bulbs
      • Project Installation & Running Costs Recoverable Within 1st Year of Savings
      • Lower Maintenance Costs
      • Reduced Maintenance Cycles
    • Corporate Social responsibility
      • Sustainability
        • Boost Your Green Environmental Credentials
      • No Upfront Capital Expense Required
        • 100% Finance Available
        • Pay As You Save Options
      • No Hidden Extras

Typical LED Specifications:

  • 135 Lumens per watt
  • NICEIC Approved
  • Quality Assurance accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001

The Energy and Utility Management Team can advise on any LED Lighting requirements you may have up to and including complete installations for sports stadia with warranties lasting 10+ years.  

Why not see for what savings could be added to your bottom line for yourself? Just give our team a call for a no obligation quote and see how much you could really save today?

When working with the Energy and Utilities Management team of The Commercial Property Hub client’s get to enjoy the following features and benefits:


  • Online Energy Portal
  • Simple & Easy to Use Energy Management Tools
  • Half hourly (day+1) Energy Usage Across All of Your Utilities
  • Informative Energy Profiles & Reports
  • Energy Dashboard to Encourage Energy Usage Awareness


  • Potentially Save up to 10%-15% off your Energy Bills
  • Dedicated Gas & Electricity Manager to Your Business
  • We Analyse Your Energy Usage & Unique Energy Profile
  • We Access Massive Bulk Buying Commercial Utility Market Prices
  • We Analyse The Latest Prices Against Your Energy Profile
  • We Source The Best Prices Where Prices can Go DOWN BUT NEVER UP!
  • Receive Accurate Energy information – Helping to Verify Energy Bills
  • Monitor & Target Energy Consumption Levels to Reduce Bills
  • Engage with Building Users to Promote behavioural Changes
  • Automated Reporting to Reduce Administration Times
  • One Stop Shop for All Utility Requirements
  • Access to the Best Rates – We tend to be able to Source a Better Deal 95% of the Time
  • Guaranteed Energy Sources Procured Direct from Global Utility Powerhouses
    • Multiple Suppliers Covering All Geographical Areas
  • Utility Data Management
  • Hands-Free Solution – We Undertake ALL Aspects on Your Behalf
  • Comprehensive Free Energy Audit
  • Business Park Owner?
    • Enquire as to the additional potential opportunities that may be available

So if you are interested in finding out exactly how we can source you a better deal for your utility requirements over either the short or long term, why not give The Commercial Property Hub a call and we will be happy to provide you with a free and no obligation quote for a contract with terms that suit you.

Low prices, superb service and industry leading guarantees……How can you lose?