Surveys and Building Consultancy

Surveys & Building Consultancy

The Commercial Property Hub possesses the in-house expertise to ensure any client using our professional survey or building consultancy services can achieve optimum value for any project. Or, to be more precise, the individuals who make up the multi-disciplined teams of surveyors and building consultants providing the surveying and building consultancy solutions on behalf of a diverse range of clients do.

When using the services offered through The Commercial Property Hub, any surveyor you engage will be a registered member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and more than qualified in the requisite area, although, that sentiment also rings true for any other professional you may wish to engage through The Commercial Property Hub, as each and every individual will be a practising member of their own professional body, be that Architect, Engineer or Project Manager.

With many of our Chartered Surveyors and Building Consultants maintaining their own highly successful professional practices, you also get to benefit from the extensive experiences they have accrued over the years establishing their businesses. Each and every individual providing solutions through The Commercial Property Hub have developed glowing personal reputations based on the innovative and practical solutions they continue to provide to both the business and property industries, resulting in their expertise being continually sought for a variety of projects, big and small.

The diverse expertise provided by the raft of independent Chartered Surveyors and Building Consultants through The Commercial Property Hub is further enhanced by the number of designated ‘expert witnesses’ we have amassed as part of our team of specialists, with numerous consultants being recognised by a panel of their peers for the expert knowledge they continue to provide to the courts, the levels of excellence they have consistently achieved over the years, along with the dedication they continue to demonstrate to their craft. 

The teams of Chartered Surveyors and Building Consultants who work as part of The Commercial Property Hub can provide prospective clients with a myriad of opportunities that can add significant value to their assets.

Based on the above introductions you will have to forgive the blanket term of Chartered Surveyors, especially if it led you to believe we were only speaking about Chartered Building Surveyors or Chartered Surveyors (aka General Practice) or any of our other Chartered building specialists, all of whom hail from the world of property and construction.

If that was the case then yes, The Commercial Property Hub does utilise a panel of qualified Chartered Surveyors with extensive experience in Buildings and Construction related projects who provide a comprehensive range of services to a diverse client base including: Site Surveys and Investigations, Valuations, all aspects of Rents and Ratings, Expert Witness statements, Agency, Property Management and EPCs, right through to comprehensive Building Surveys, Architectural and Engineering services, Planning, Schedules of Dilapidations, Design and Build and even Project Management, which demonstrates we possess the requisite in-house expertise to ensure your requirements will be more than met, regardless of whether you require a valuation of a single dwelling right through to the design and build of a mixed use development, incorporating everything from the initial soil investigation to the property management and even the end sales if necessary.

However, The Commercial Property Hub also works with Chartered Surveyors who are experts in providing non-property based services. Whilst still trained and qualified as Chartered Surveyors, these teams are more commonly recognised as Business Asset Valuations Surveyors, who ultimately focus their expertise on helping businesses in a variety of ways. These Chartered Surveyors tend to specialise in valuing non-property assets such as plant and machinery and stock, whilst also being masters in helping you to maximise the capital allowance claims across your business, in effect helping you gain tax relief, which in some cases can be significant. These specialist Chartered Surveyors are happy to provide comprehensive advice to businesses concerning an array of matters and can even help you finance planned expansions through their in-depth knowledge of the market and their close ties with asset-based lenders. Another area they really come into their own is when they apply their specialist knowledge in ensuring business owners maximise their returns when pursuing their exit strategy, particularly excelling in areas that are notoriously difficult to quantify when it comes to assessing the true value of intangible assets etc.

Owing to the nature of the networks they have developed on both a personal and professional level, our Business Asset Valuation Surveyors are also masters at helping clients realise the maximum value when it comes to cashing in their assets, having particularly strong associations with disposal specialists.

When working with The Commercial Property Hub, you will find our teams are headed up by entrepreneurially minded Chartered Surveyors and Building Consultants, who not only tend to think outside the box when devising a range of solutions that will more than meet your objectives, but can also provide you with a range of value added services that could serve to increase the capital value of your asset, increase your investment returns and potentially help you to achieve both. In essence, you get to benefit from multiple skill-sets for the same cost-effective rates, whilst also having the legwork undertaken for you. That doesn’t seem like a bad deal all in all.

The Commercial Property Hub’s teams of surveyors and building consultants can provide you with extensive expertise in the following areas: 

If you have any building consultancy or survey requirements coming up, or just have any non-property assets you may be seeking to utilise, why not speak to one of our teams at The Commercial Property Hub? If you give us a call or drop us a message we will ensure a senior member of the right team will get right back to you to discuss your latest project and how we may be able to assist.