Vacant Property Management

Vacant Property Management

At The Commercial Property Hub we recognise no matter how well an investment stacks up, there will always be the odd occasion when that superb little asset may not be performing quite as perfectly as it should.

This could be due to a multitude of reasons, however the main culprit is usually a break in the lease, otherwise known as a void period, resulting in an empty property and as we all know, a vacant property doesn’t tend to generate many returns. On the contrary, it can be quite a costly affair depending on the frequency of the void periods, allied to the potential damage that can be caused by trespassers and then there are even more added complications if your investment falls under the commercial classification, incurring the dreaded business rates liability.

If either you or your clients are facing such a temporary glitch, or that vacant property is about to blemish those otherwise excellent yields we all cherish so much, The Commercial Property Hub’s Vacant Property Management solution may provide a perfect stop gap to your problems.

Personal experience has taught us that it is during these occasional ‘blips’, when properties have been left empty to the point of affecting yields that the Vacant Property Management services provided by The Commercial Property Hub can really come into their own. Our Vacant Property Management solution can help resolve a number of issues, serving to negate a number of potentially costly overheads you may still be liable to pay, notably, electricity, gas and water, not to mention ensuring everywhere is locked up safe and secure.

The Commercial Property Hub’s site monitoring and lockdown service, along with our property inspections service is available to the residential property market and can provide that added layer of security to protect both your financial and emotional wellbeing.

The Commercial Property Hub also has a team with considerable experience in providing extensive Vacant Property Management service to the commercial property market which have enabled clients experiencing vacant property issues to benefit from a number of ‘hands-free’ short-term practical solutions to negate their overall cost liabilities. Using our own contacts, along with those of our extensive networks, we tend to have no issues finding a clients who are constantly seeking suitable properties that may be instantly available on a short-term let for a variety of reasons.

At The Commercial Property Hub our tried and tested Vacant Property Management solutions have been employed by a range of clients, from the lone investor struggling to let out his latest acquisition to large property funds managing successful portfolios valued in the billions, yet still possess and are therefore responsible for the management of the inevitable stragglers who may be affecting both their annual yields and ultimately their client’s overall investment returns.

Typical clients currently making use of our comprehensive and totally hands-free short term Vacant Property Management solutions include:

  • Pension Funds
  • Institutional Investors
  • Wealth Management Companies
  • High Net-Worth Individuals
  • Chartered Surveyor Practices
  • Commercial Property and Real Estate Agents
  • Personal Investors

The Commercial Property Hub can assist clients requiring short-term vacant property management solutions by:

  • Assessing the individual property requirements and needs
  • Arranging suitable occupation and management of vacant premises
  • Preparation, completion and issuing of all leases
  • Dealing with local authorities on your behalf
  • Compliance with vacant property insurance requirements
  • Property Inspections (complete with photographic evidence – before & after)
  • Site clearance and effective cleaning, ready for new tenants
  • Site security options include:
    • Site monitoring (remote & in person)
    • Site lock down – windows, doors & lock changes
    • Remote monitoring of intruder & fire alarms
    • Remote monitoring of CCTV security systems

Whilst we understand this in no way makes up for a long-term tenant, the silver-lining is that it can buy you extra breathing space, in addition to helping to negate what could otherwise become a very costly financial year.

At The Commercial Property Hub we provide a comprehensive ‘hands-free’ one-stop and highly cost effective vacant property management solution, undertaking every aspect on your behalf from start to finish at rates so competitive you will not believe it was possible.

If you would like further details on the comprehensive range of vacant property management services The Commercial Property Hub can provide on your behalf, please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss a suitable range of options we would be able to implement, to both safeguard your prized asset, whilst also potentially generating significant savings on your behalf.